Tuesday, November 29, 2011


With the world getting busier, it is becoming easier to connect with old buddies and new friends with the help of social networking sites and apps that allow you to add whomever you want and start sharing all your information, updates and more from wherever you are. But beside availability of such tools the other most noticeable factor is accessibility. Today’s multitasking phones like Blackberry, Android, iPhone, etc., make everything available at ones fingertips.

With this rise in social networking, today’s topic is to look at one mobile app in particular that makes it convenient to do social networking while you’re out and about. PicDial is a social utility which supports both smartphones and feature phones. This is a very interesting and unique application that includes some distinguishing features and a high level of automation – making it very easy for users.

PicDial is an application that brings your mobile address book to life with dynamic Texting, Social
Updating, Photo Speed Dial, and Picture Caller ID!  When you receive a call from your friend, PicDial
shows you a full-screen image of their current Facebook profile pic as your caller ID. You can also
automatically update their information and status. In addition, PicDial takes your phone’s text-messaging functionality to the next level. Most phones just show the text-message screen, but PicDial displays your friend’s profile pic and status along with the text-message within a unique carousel style. 

Download the app today at - http://www.PicDial.com/a/social

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Updated PicDial App

If you're one of the hundreds of thousands of fans who have downloaded the PicDial app, we have good news for you.

PicDial has released their newest and coolest version of the mobile app for Android!

We've spent some time improving the app with new text message features and functionality. In this latest update we've added:

• Text (SMS) Popup Notification with Facebook photo – Receive instant SMS popups with your friends profile picture and status. Includes quick reply capability.
• Text (SMS) Picture Carousel – Displays your friend’s social network picture and status on the top half of the screen and the text thread on the bottom half.
• Full Screen Picture Caller ID – See FULL SCREEN profile pictures & status messages as caller ID every time you make or receive a call.
• Favorites Screen – Speed dial or text your friends by selecting their image from the PicDial favorite screen.
• Pic Choice - Choose which picture of your friends that you want to see – either social network profile pic or from your phones gallery. Crop, fix, or change any picture.
• Address Book Backup – Your contacts are automatically & securely backed up to the cloud at
Text Support - Full SMS and MMS support coupled with integrated spell checking and additional message composition tools.
• vCard Support (contact cards) - allows you increased MMS functionality.

Download the app today at http://www.PicDial.com/a/social